The Survival of Serena

We are pleased to tell you of the Survival of Serena.  She was returned to us safe and sound and is now resting at home.  She disappeared last Fourth of July when she went to laze in the river out back, until we set off the fireworks on the dock.  She’s more comfortable in water than she is on land and we think that with a stomach full of barbecue and Aunt Jeanne’s blackberry pie, she fell asleep and drifted around the world for a year and a day.  Since then, our lives have been in a state of hyper-realism.  We sent this picture out in hopes that someone might see her.

Miniature Serena, 2010-2011
Oil and Resin, 9.5 x 17 x 7.5,” Carole Feuerman

We had many people come out of the woodwork to say they’d spotted a girl in a Day-Glo pink swim cap.  A vintner in Summerland swears he saw her floating along the streak of moonlight in the water from his bay window while he was sipping a glass of his own Cab.  A group of fishermen outside of Miami claim they spotted a girl sleeping in an inner tube near their boats one morning around dawn.  In North Carolina, a group of teenagers playing basketball next to the Cape Fear River saw her bobbing along in the wake of a boat.  Of course, by the time help arrived, she was already gone.  It wasn’t until sculptor Carole Feuerman rescued her and unveiled her in Petrosino Square, that we knew she was OK. Her uncle Frank in Bayonne happened to be walking by the unveiling and called us.

Survival of Serena, 2012 Painted Bronze, 36 x 75 x 36″ Carole Feuerman

He set her back in the water and home again.   We are eternally grateful to Timothy Yarger Gallery in Beverly Hills for keeping a vigil for her on an ongoing basis, and to her friends, like Claudia, for wearing  swim caps in support of Serena, thereby keeping her in everyone’s minds.  She’s home now and we expect her to carry on like nothing happened, after all she is made of bronze.  She has no memory of this, and thinks it was all a dream, and that, today being July 5th, she simply fell asleep early and missed last night’s fireworks.



Claudia, 2010-2011
Oil and Resin, 13 x 17 x 11″ Carole Feuerman

Carole Feuerman is a hyperrealist sculptor based in New York City.  More about her “Serena” series can be discovered at  She has an ongoing exhibition at Timothy Yarger Gallery in Beverly Hills, California.  www.yargerfineartcom