The Rules of Camp Nepotism as Demonstrated by The Cast of Ryan McGinley's Oeuvre

The Rules of Camp Nepotism as Demonstrated by The Cast of Ryan McGinley’s Oeuvre

1. Each camper must remain in his or her own bed.


Tim and Dakota, 2004


2. Don’t be afraid to say “Hi.”  At Nepotism, the friends you make might just be friends for life, but you’ll never find out with your back against the wall.

Back Against the Wall, 2004


3.  During excursions, make sure you are lined up with the rest of your cabin outside of the van within 10 minutes of departure, or you’ll be left behind.

Coley (Running Rainbow), 2007

4. If you are caught sneaking out of camp, just keep going as you will not be allowed back.

Highway, 2007

5. At Nepotism, there will be many opportunities to witness and appreciate wildlife.  However, they are not Disney cartoons.  Be careful.

Untitled (Black Bear), 2007














 6. Profanity and lewd behavior will result in loss of camp privileges. 

Jessica (TLC), 2011


7. Campers are expected to help maintain the grounds, including the barn. 

Tom (Fall Away) 2010













8. All campers are assigned a swim buddy for their water safety and will remain with this buddy throughout their time here.

Falling Green Water, 2007













9. For your own safety, fireworks will be handled by Nepotism staff only.

Fireworks 1, 2007















10. At Nepotism, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.  Be sure and look around. 

Somewhere Place, 2010


All photographs are by Ryan McGinley and can, with many others, be viewed at  “Whistle for the Wind,” is a retrospective look at McGinley’s body of work, featuring commentary by novelist and critic Chris Strauss, filmmaker Gus Van Sant, and writer/artist John Kelsey.  The book is in stores now.