So-called great artists

Van Gogh was crazy, and for me this invalidates his work. What do I have to gain by looking at the art of a crazy person? Let’s think more closely about the lives of the artists themselves. The frolics of Monet and his group are tame next to the gross immorality of Dali and his crew, again all trash. La Trec, we already know had his problems and it shows in his work. Braque was known to cuss vulgarly. Every one of these sordid details finds its way into the painting. A well-ordered psyche produces a well-ordered painting and clean lines. Why can’t we see a sunset or a clown or something pleasant instead of an image that looks like a dirty bed sheet? Of course all of these artists loved painting nudes which in honesty is frankly perverted. And not one of them combed his hair or took care of his appearance! Where’s the self-respect? They were every one filthy and unbathed, with poorly-fitting , greasy clothes and were generally a very unattractive lot. And many of them were poor. As for their work? Well… Pictures should be pretty, not depressing or weird.   Pretty people, pretty pictures. What’s so hard to understand?