Karin Apollonia Muller: Far Out

City lights IV“How long would you say we’ve been up here?”

“Hard to tell, anymore.”

“(Static) What’s that down there?”

“Lost track. Home, I think.””

Do you ever want to go back?”

“Sometimes.  Then, I think, ‘Why put one foot in front of the other when you can leap and bound? Float, right?”


“I find the stratosphere the hardest to get through.”

“Right. All that shaking.”

“Doesn’t matter. Can’t breathe…(static) can’t breathe down there anymore, anyway.”

“Yeah, I would have to learn to breathe all over again. To walk, too.”

“We came up here to be among the stars, but they’re all just rocks. And now we look down to see the light.”

“Yeah, and the galaxies look like continents. I don’t know whether I’m up or down. I ask the lights my questions, now.”

“We could reinvent cartography.”

“Is that California, over there? I thought it was…maybe. Yeah, maybe California.”

“Looks like a camel.”

“I see a whale.”

“Because you’re turned sideways. Turn right side up.”

“Help me.”

“Here: Push back against that star.. and float toward me. I’ll flip you. There ya go.”

“Thanks. Yep. You were right.”

“It’s time we headed back, don’t you think?”

“It’s more beautiful than I remember.”

“Don’t get too close, ok? It’s time we headed back to the colony.”

“Just for a minute. Let’s just look for another minute.”

“Thurston, no one remembers you down there, anymore. They’re all gone. We’ll run out of air. Come back, Thurston.”





Karin Apollonia Muller’s “Far Out” exhibition is on display at Diane Rosenstein Fine Art through January 18, 2014.  See more of Muller’s work at www.karinapolloniamuller.com.