Endless Vacation

 The ennui.

“Damsel” Oil on Panel Dan Lydersen 2013

Alas, the last fleeting days of summer are slipping through our fingers.  But if you hurry, you can catch the last days of Endless Vacation, the joint exhibition of hyperrealist painters Dan Lydersen and Jeff Ramirez, displayed at the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City until August 31st.  Lydersen’s work brings the Renaissance to the 21st century, while Ramirez’s paintings remove the barrier of time and place to make you feel you’re one among the subjects (check out the way one girl’s cell phone lights up her face in “1000+.”)

Nepotism took the liberty of wondering what Damsel (above) might say if she were to narrate scenes from how her friends spent their summer.


Ughh.  Seriously, I’m so bored.  Not that I’d admit that to my parents, who told me I’d be itching to go back to school by now.  I have to wear this neck coil just to keep from nodding off.  Seriously, look at my clock.  Time has literally stood still.  I’m living it up vicariously through my friends’ pictures.

The Golden Hour (detail) (2013) Dan Lydersen. Oil on panel

“The Golden Hour” (detail) (2013) Dan Lydersen. Oil on panel

Benny’s car caught fire somewhere south of Fresno. Well, first it broke down, and then it blew up after he’d trekked two miles to get a gallon of gas.  He’d been putting Diesel fuel in it for the entire road trip and it finally, well, blew up in his face.  He’s out cold here, but he shook it off.  The rest of the gang split up to get help.   And pick up unleaded fuel.  And take a breather from Benny.





Send-OffKristen and Aida are combining summer reading reports a preliminary portfolio for senior level photography class. Is this supposed to be that Shalott lady that Anne  almost drowned playing in the first Green Gables book?  I forget, but Mom sending me to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription cream for the weird infection Kristen got from the lake floor was the most exciting thing I did yesterday.  All week, in fact.



People Like You (Elijah) Oil on Wood Panel. Jeff Ramirez 2013.

People Like You (Elijah) Oil on Wood Panel. Jeff Ramirez 2013.



Jake went to see some Raincoats tribute band on Thursday and sneak-snapped this picture of Elijah Wood.  Does Elijah look kinda mad?  I always thought he was really nice.  Maybe he was the Bad Son after all.

I Would Prefer Not To Oil on Wood Panel Jeff Ramirez 2013

I Would Prefer Not To
Oil on Wood Panel Jeff Ramirez 2013


Adam’s over it.

 "Here's to Feeling Good All The Time" Oil on Wood Panel Jeff Ramirez 2013

“Here’s to Feeling Good All The Time”
Oil on Wood Panel
Jeff Ramirez 2013




Mike’s very much under it.



Every Place and Every Moment is Always The Best

Luke is always where it’s at. 









Jessica is performing the only action befitting of my utter, mind-numbing boredom, which I would do if I dared to touch my face.  But I CANNOT break out.  

School starts in four days.








Endless Vacation is on  display at Thinkspace Gallery until August 31st, 2013.


Thinkspace Gallery 60009 W Washington Boulevard Culver City 90232

You can learn more at http://thinkspacegallery.com.

You can find more works from Dan Lydersen at www.danlydersen.com, and more about Jeff Ramirez at www.jefframirez.com.