How to Make Gay Summer Rick's West Channel Sunset

How to Make Gay Summer Rick’s West Channel Sunset

You’ll Need: Palette Knife. Third Eye.

Prep Time: Half the time it takes to transcribe details with a fine bristle brush, or the time it takes to cross from New York State to Malibu.

Directions:   Place wet ingredients in one bowl: sixth generation surfers, two weeks from graduation, tan and chiseled, lolling in the cove like it’s a Roman bath.

To one side, put dry ingredients: The tourists on two weeks vacation trailing behind their chubby white toddlers who teeter on chubby white legs. Sea salt.

Sift dry ingredients through your current perspective. Your being one of the last of your friends standing who hasn’t moved back to the Midwest to find a steady job; how much further outside the city your apartment keeps moving.


In the meanwhile, heat sunlight at a high noon until blazing white. Set aside to slowly cool for four hours.

Layer with a palette knife. Once first layer is dry, layer the scent of bougainvillea from over the canyon, or just the knowledge that it’s there. The smell of fried clams at Neptune’s. A northeasterly wind. Let set.

For the final layer, the closed lifeguard tower in the distance. The light should now have cooled to a 4 p.m. punch pink. Drizzle freely in the background. For garnish, a sugary moon.

Serves all. Gorge freely.


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